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Need to get rid of termites, spiders, roaches, rats, or other pests?

We Are Pest Control Specialists

BPC Structural Pest Control has served Ventura CountySanta Barbara County, and western Los Angeles County for nearly 25 years. We specialize in termite inspectionsfumigationspot treatmentfungus repairextermination, and termite damage repair. Whether you need a termite inspection for single family homes, homeowners associations, condos, or commercial properties, our office staff and team of inspectors, exterminators and carpenters are here to solve your problems from start to finish. As a licensed general contractor we can make solid recommendations for termite damage and dry rot repairContact us today to learn more about how we can serve you!


Curious or fearful you might have a pest or termite infestation? Or seeing signs? No need to lose sleep over it!

We Can Help

Call or click for a free limited inspection that will be fully explained by one of our competent and friendly inspectors.


Wood destroying pests and organisms (termites and dry-rot) are our specialty. Getting ready to paint? Opening up your walls for plumbing or remodel?

Free Limited Inspection

Before you paint, re-roof, remodel, or if you are seeing signs, call for a free limited inspection by a highly qualified expert inspector.

General Pests

We've all had them on or in our property: fleas, flies, spiders, RATS... oh, lord, the list goes on and on.

We'll Handle It

We’ve seen it all. We’ve done it all. Please call or click for courteous competent service, from contact to completion.


Thinking about repairs on or replacing your deck, arbor, patio cover or fence? How about new ones?

Our Expert Crews Perform

From completing items on our report to major project rehabilitation, or something as simple as fencing, we have done it all in stellar fashion.


From Inspection to Treatment to Repair

Our vast experience with termites and pest control in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and western Los Angeles counties makes us uniquely qualified to care for your home or business.

Termite Inspection Ventura County
Santa Termite Spraying
Reconstruction after termite damage in Ventura County

Our Core Values

When you choose to work with BPC Pest Control, we want you to come away feeling like you’ve made the best choice.

We are Thankful for Those Who Serve

From each and every one of us at BPC Pest Control would like to honor our military, veterans and first responders by offering discounted services. Please contact our office for details and THANK YOU, WE APPRECIATE ALL THAT YOU DO AND HAVE DONE.

We are patriotic!

Our Customers Say

Liz G, BPC Pest Control Customer

“I first came across BPC Pest Control while looking for a company to fumigate our home for termites. Both the office staff and the technicians were very helpful, professional and friendly – they answered my questions and explained everything that needed to be done. Since then we are also using them on a monthly basis for the control of spiders, which we love. If you are looking for a friendly and honest company, BPC is the place to call.”

Keith J, BPC Pest Control Customer

“My wife and I were very impressed with the professional, courteous team from BPC Pest Control. From our initial call, to the inspection, to the extermination, and finally the repairs, everyone was really great. Thank you for doing such good work for us!”


The Pest Exterminator Blog

Learn more about how we handle pest control issues with real-life stories of termites, rats, structural repair, and more!

We Are Involved In Your Communities

Doing business in our community is meaningless without active involvement in our community.
We love living and doing business here!

Taking Care of Homes & Businesses

We are the best pest control company in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and western Los Angeles County. Take a moment to let us know how we can help you with your pest control needs and structural repairs.

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