Swarm After the Rain

Southern California is prone to drought and residents here are always very excited when the rains finally come. We wait so long and are so relieved, but we completely forget what it means to the pest industry. Many times after that first nice rain a swarm of little black bugs with oversized wings appears.

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Water and Fungus Damage

You go to touch up the paint on the fascia boards of your house and discover that wood has turned to pulp! Last year it was great. What happened? We can’t impress upon homeowners enough to keep an eye out for water problems on their structures. From roof over-hangs, to exposed siding, to pooling

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Don’t Call Us!!!

    Let me say this: If this is the kind of repair you want on your home or one you are about to buy, don't call us. We won't do it. We have worked hard to instill a pride of workmanship and responsibility into all of those working for the BPC family. Do you

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Call me…

If that note were on a paper napkin with smudged lip-stick, I might be in trouble. However, I am a sharp businessman. It was written on a 2 Taka note with an attractive magpie on it from Bangladesh, and I know they have termites in Bangladesh. Obviously from a distressed homeowner looking for honest

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