Hot Attics

My wife, Patrice, asks me when will I retire? I reply if one is doing what one loves, why quit? Someday the office will get a phone call saying - come check on this guy, he/s been in my attic for an awfully long time!! Oh, well.

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Philosophy of Business

I was watching a business show last night. A CEO was on claiming that he offered all people working for him $5,000 to leave his employment!! He explained that the people that don’t leave are dedicated and see the vision he had for his company and are willing to work to achieve success. This is

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Panic Button

February is a traditionally slow time in the termite business. Tradition doesn’t stop me from panicking about the bottom line, though. A few years ago while in this panic mode, I was calling all my past contacts, hoping for some scraps. My guys have families to feed! By chance a contractor I worked with in

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Sitting here at my desk, I’m looking at my pencil holder. In it is an old promotional item from years ago. It is a mechanical pencil imprinted on the barrel with the word VICANE. It’s the fumigant used in most termite fumigations these days. On the eraser end is a hollow clear plastic cap filled

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I’ve got termites!!

I’ve got termites! Music to a termite operator’s ears, but not to the home owner. Most home owners instantly fix their fate to a fumigation. The first thing to do is schedule an appointment with a reputable termite company (BPC, of course!) to determine the presence and type of termite. They may not be the

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I’ve Seen It All

I’ve seen it all People occasionally during an inspection apologize for the crowded condition of their garage. My standard reply is – “I’ve been doing this for twenty years and you can’t surprise me, I’ve seen it all. Except for maybe a dead body!” Well, this is the rest of the story… I came up

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How to Prevent Termites

Occasionally I’m asked how to prevent termite infestation on a residence. The short answer is its difficult; the better answer is that regular inspection is the best. Let’s explore the short answer. Preventing entry of termites would include sealing every piece of wood on the structure on all six sides. Unfortunately all six sides are

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The White Hat

I’ve been inspecting homes for termites and fungus for twenty one years. Time flies when you are having fun. You know, if you pay attention you can learn something every day or at the least wear the white hat (be the good guy). Example: I was called out to Simi Valley for a second opinion

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Vicki, Patrice and I started BPC in the early nineties. Equal partners. We probably qualify as a minority owned company. This blog will be a running rant of personal insights, philosophical thoughts, and lessons learned during this great relationship.

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