I was watching a business show last night. A CEO was on claiming that he offered all people working for him $5,000 to leave his employment!! He explained that the people that don’t leave are dedicated and see the vision he had for his company and are willing to work to achieve success.

This is a little radical, but the question remains; how do you improve personnel and keep them inspired? My theory is that I want everyone, even the lowest man on the totem pole making decisions at his level. If something arises beyond his capabilities, ask his supervisors. If he makes a mistake, We will live with that and pay him to fix it. As long as he learns from his mistake. Some say paying him to fix his mistake is counter productive and there should be some disciplinary action taken. We say our way instills a sense of self empowerment and leads to better employees without hiring and firing. We would rather invest in our guys (and gals) than use the “hire and fire” method. One side benefit of this philosophy is that top management generally only has to make command decisions and the customer is faster and better served.