You go to touch up the paint on the fascia boards of your house and discover that wood has turned to pulp! Last year it was great. What happened?

We can’t impress upon homeowners enough to keep an eye out for water problems on their structures. From roof over-hangs, to exposed siding, to pooling next to buildings, to leaks in the interior; these are all potential areas of concern.

Fungus is an insidious critter. It lays in wait and is everywhere. We breathe fungus spores everyday. When they land on a spot that is satisfactorily moist, they start their reproductive cycle again. Fungus can exist in a piece of wood for a long time, undetected. When conditions are right (20% moisture in the wood and moderate temperatures) it starts to grow, slowly at first. Every time the wood gets wet, it grows a little. After a few years, it gets to critical mass and explodes to consume the wood members of your house. You come out in the spring to paint and, “Wow, what happened here? That wasn’t here last year!”

We can’t possibly cover all of the potential problems in one sitting, so contact BPC Pest Control and let us help you start protecting your home today.