Occasionally I’m asked how to prevent termite infestation on a residence. The short answer is its difficult; the better answer is that regular inspection is the best.

Let’s explore the short answer. Preventing entry of termites would include sealing every piece of wood on the structure on all six sides. Unfortunately all six sides are not accessible after construction is complete. An after construction method might include caulking every joint and crack (rafter tails, fascia, starter board, etc.). By sealing, I mean a barrier that termites can’t penetrate, like thick house paint or enamel paint. These paint items come with their own set of draw backs; maintenance of the painted surface and re-coating new cracks as they appear. On top of that once water intrudes, and it will, the conditions are perfect for the growth of fungus (dry rot). Its not the popular party line that fungus infection of house members causes more damage than termites, but I believe that to be true.

I guess the real short answer and the better answer are one in the same. Regular inspection by a qualified and competent termite inspector (BPC, of course!) is the cheapest (we don’t charge for this type of inspection) and surest method available.

You also may want to subscribe to our Continuing Maintenance Agreement. Annual inspections, treatment of all termite locations and information on other (ie fungus, water stains, etc) items of interest concerning you home. All this and unlimited call backs, and pricing for any fixes that come under our license. These agreements average about $245 for a standard single family residence.

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