Swarm After the Rain

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Southern California is prone to drought and residents here are always very excited when the rains finally come. We wait so long and are so relieved, but we completely forget what it means to the pest industry. Many times after that first nice rain a swarm of little black bugs with oversized wings appears.

Swarming Termites Can Spread Quickly

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After a termite colony reaches a certain population level, usually more than 10,000 for northern temperate subterranean termites, winged (alate) reproductive “swarmers” are produced and leave the colony in a “swarm”. A swarm is a mixed group of roughly 50% male and 50% female reproductive termites which leave the nest at the same time, in

How to Tell Termites from Winged Ants

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All termites have a "thick waist" where their abdomen is joined to their middle body region (thorax); but all ants have a "pinched-in-waist" at that point. All termites have antennae that look like a "string of beads;" but all ants have "elbowed" antennae. Termite swarmers have two pairs of long narrow, wings with very few

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